Well, hello again.

I’ve been thinking on what would i do with this blog, is it gonna be a beauty blog, fashion blog, journal? and i don’t know, honestly. The purpose merely some kind of writing exercise. Something a little bit personal for me; like what i find fascinating, disturbing or things like that. More like a glimpse into my life. So i’m not going to dwell on it and keep writing anything that i wanted to write and let see where that heading.

This week i wanted to share with you my everyday beauty routine. In terms of beauty doctrine i do the ‘less is more make up’ due to my constant adoration of French beauties like Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy or current ‘It girl’ like Jeanne Damas  and Alexa Chung. Much like my muse i don’t change my make up drastically, or heavily. It’s more about a balancing act; like when i feel like wearing red or plump colored lipstick (I’ll post later)  i would toned down anything else. Or maybe it’s just my excuse because i’m horrible at applying makeup? Haha- it could be.

With that in mind i start the day by washing my face with my Neutrogena Deep Clean facial wash, dried it with towel then spritz the Mario Badescu facial spray to re-hydrate my skin. Not only for prepping my skin, i sometimes use it to set my make up or just re-hydrate throughout the day.

I would let it sink into my skin, usually i do it over a coffee, listening to some music. after that i would pat a few drops of Sukin’s Chia Seed Oil to maintain it’s moisture (yes, my skin is crazy dry). I’ve been using for about two month or so, i apply it morning and before bed. What i like so much about the product is how fast it can absorb into skin, it doesn’t make my face greasy, or cracked. However the scent could be off putting for some people, hence it’s an organic product it naturally has a chia seed smell. It doesn’t bother me, and it doesn’t stick to my skin.

Since this month i work on night shift i can skip sunscreen, if i was on a day shift or noon it’s quite an obligatory ( I use Neutrogena face sunscreen in spf 50 or Lancôme UV Expert). I can directly wear my Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream. A friend recommend this to me about a year ago, apparently beauty bloggers on YouTube are keen on this product as well. Honestly i hated when i tried it the first time. my biggest problem with this product is the shade; for my tan skin number 32 Light Beige was too light, but number 33 was too dark . I had to mix it with my L.A Girl BB cream back then, until somehow my skin got lighter now i can wear the CC cream alone. This has sheer to medium coverage (when i want to go lighter i blend it with a moisturizer to turn it into a tinted moisturizer) depends on how much coverage you want, for a CC cream  this give me a decent amount of coverage; it even out my skin tone and work pretty well at hiding my blemishes without looking like i’m wearing anything. That’s why this product growing on me, although i still wish they expand their color range.

The other thing that i cannot live without is a concealer. apart from raccoon i have a severe case of dark eyes, people always said things like “you look tired, did you sleep at all?” even if i had 1o hours sleep (One time someone asked if i was on drug. Like why would you ask anyone that? that’s none of anyone business). I swaps my NYX HD concealer for Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer. again- in terms of color range Bourjois still lacking compare to the other drugstore brand. I managed to find a color that suits me which is in number 03 dark beige. My biggest reason why i swap my routine is because i absolutely love the texture. My NYX concealer is more in the creamy side which provide a fantastic pigment and duration , but on my dry skin it could quite cakey. The Bourjois one has more water-weight texture, it feels more delicate for my under eyes. Also this work differently from other concealer because instead of covering up the skin, it brightens and illuminates it. It works with lights to disguising the dark circle and blemishes resulting a fresher, and youthful finish.

After i’m done with my base i would curl my eyelashes. I don’t wear mascara that much daily, if i do i use a transparent gel mascara from Maybeline for a wet look effect. I skip eyeshadow, or brow. Maybe i’m pretty lucky to have a bushy eyebrows already, so i never buy any eyebrow product all i do everyday is that rub my Pawpaw Ointment after i also rub that in my lips ( I rub it everywhere; the tips of my hair, my under eyes before bed, my pimple, my cuticles, sometimes i use it as a highlight. Overall it’s my savior) then i would comb the eyebrows with my spoolie brush.

For my lips and cheeks, i found love in L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire Matte Lip Color in number 103 Montaigne Brick (Weird name, right?) i think this might have been a dupe for YSL BabyDoll Kiss and Blush both has the same velvety texture (It’s soft enough for your cheeks), quite moisturizing, and last about 5 to 6 hours if i did not eat any oily delicacy. Whole reason i bought this is the color; it says brick on the label but i don’t know if it’s fallen into redish hue, it’s more into pink nude to me (maybe in Montaigne the brick looks like that- i don’t know) whatever that is it’s gorgeous! very everyday wear, as a blusher it brings life into my face, like i naturally have flushed pink cheeks.

Last but not least is fragrance. I’m a bit fussy but also cheap (lol) unless i found a perfume that i absolutely like. My all time favorite fragrance is the Bvlgari Rose Essentielle but i almost run out of it. Something about it is just very soft and sensual like Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, the way it fleet is so elegant, unlike any other rose-y perfume i tried. The other day i went shopping with my brother and found Yves Rocher Quelque Notes d’Amour (The name is just way too long). The two does not smell the same, in fact pretty distinctive yet has similar warmth to it. Perhaps because both has rose and woods notes. The Yves Rocher one leans in a spicier side than Bvlgari. I bought it as a package with the shower gel and the lotion, all smells very nice, still soft even if it’s not as powdery as Bvlgari. I sprayed it on my neck, and on my clothes the next morning still smell the same, durability is okay.

Et voila! that’s my everyday beauty/makeup routine, if you have any questions on those product that i use you can leave a comment, or you want to share yours it would be cool too. I’ll see you on another post.


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