In ennui of nude lips my escape is vibrant lip color. Recently i’m obsessing over red lips and plump/berry color lips that become Jeanne Damas quintessential beauty look alongside her woke-up-like-this, shaggy-banged, full-lipped that easy to recreate.

She uses MAC lipstick i read on an article somewhere, but i want to share how can i adapt the similar look with Indonesian drugstore product that you can easily find anywhere.


I use two lipstick; a really cheap lipcrayon from Kissproof in the shade 03 for a base. Sometimes for a very quick look i would use this alone. It has dark plum color, very rich but it’s too dark for daytime (unless i’m a vampire or something…) To give it a little light i dab my Emina Sugar Rush lipstick in 03 (how cool is the coincident they are the same number) Cherry Bomb. This has more red hue in it but darker. the minus side is this Emina one has weird glossy texture i overcome it by blotting my lips with tissue. Oh and i love blotted lips, the finish is very casual and effortless.


That’s the finish product; it’s a deep berry magenta color that reminded me a lot to Glossier Generation G lipstick. I style the lips with a clean face, i do use a hint of the Emina lipstick on my cheeks. My tips for dark lips is hydrate your lips before because it can accentuate your chapped lips.

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