Wedding is not my favorite event to go to,  (not because I’m bitter) because somehow it always bring me a lots of dilemma; Is the dress appropriate? Where is the venue gonna be? will it rain? can i dance with those shoes? will my crush be there? can i make a promise to myself not to embarrassed myself completely in front of him? (Oh it did happen and it was immortalized in a photograph of me looking like a knob) -but most of all what makeup that would seal the whole deal and score?

I learned my lesson from the previous gig, this time i did my research quite seriously. Since the wedding held in a National Archives Building i imagined it would be a garden party soiree (and it totally did! Thanks google!). My dress choice went to a batik dress with a laced collar that i bought when i was on a work trip in Solo. It has 1960’s silhouette -quite boxy,  very feminine without being too revealing or fussy.

It had me thinking, since it’s kind of sixties i wanted to do the low pony tail with a ribbon, the makeup would be that dewy skin, with a winged eyeliner, peachy lips, and a sun-kissed glow for a modern spin. Then i look at the dress, it has red in it and with a makeup like that it feels like it just did not cohesive. Long story short i remember Alexa Chung’s makeup on Grammy 2013.

What i love about it is the vibrant red lips with a low-key eye makeup and cheeks that look stunning without trying too much. It seems suitable for a garden party to cocktail party.

And here’s my best attempt to recreate the look:


(Sorry for the horrible lighting; It was outdoor at night and no flash but pure improvised)

I don’t know if that even remotely success, but it was basically the same coloring; I go neutral for my eyes, with a strong liner but without wings (haha), i use a hint of peachy pink blush i use it carefully not to overpowering the red lips. Best part? It was all drugstore product, baby! I mean of course it would help if i also had her gorgeous smooth clear skin. The biggest challenge that night was covering that stupid acne i had on my chin. I did a pinpoint concealing, but still it shown (crying internally).

I also did my own hair, after intensely watching a tutorial on how to do an updo for a short hair i found a really easy video that requires fingers, bobby pins, and hairspray (just a bit)

Everyone at the party said things like “Did you go to a hair salon?” I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not but i said “No, I did it myself” Even if it looks weirdly complicated, in practice it was really easy; just need to split your hair in four section, then twist it into mini bun, secure it with bobby pins (I use two because i have thick hair). It should look messy, do not worry about making a perfect twist, or things like that. The perfection relies on the imperfection it self. Hold it with hairspray in case you go crazy on the dance floor.



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