Korean beauty trend has been a hit in Indonesia for many years alongside with the rise of Korean Drama and K-Pop culture. Korean beauty product seems to dominate the market as well. You can find it anywhere; at the mall, online shops, Instagram. Their product are relatively affordable and come in cute packaging. I personally don’t use many of Korean makeup, my main problem is that i couldn’t find anything in my skin tone (especially when it comes to BB Cream, Cc Cream, Foundation or things like that). Nonetheless i’m pretty keen on their skincare like sleeping mask, serums, facial wash. what i like about it because they did a great job on moisturizing.

Since i’m relatively new to their makeup, the product i use today is mostly Etude. They’re really popular and has quite a large array of makeup selections. What i noticed from Korean makeup is how it’s more simple and feminine and down to earth to American, but not as nonchalant as French. Korean loves to emphasize on healthy glow skin, a shimmery eye makeup, flushed cheeks, and ruddy lips. I don’t know if they do contour of not, but i think it’s less visible.

I spend sometime on a Korean makeup artist named Pony and damn she’s really good! Today I’m doing my own version of her makeup tutorial called Simple Makeup Class. Just like it says on the title it’s more an everyday look, she said that it’s one of those makeup you pull ‘when you’re busy in the morning’

Well, let’s put the money where her mouth is.

Honestly, i had a hard time adjusting to the product, perhaps because i don’t get use to it. I mix a bb cream with some kind of serum (but not really) called Nymph Aura. I mean from the name you can get the glimpse that it’s glowy, fairy stuff. Once i pat it on my face was so shiny, yes shiny because dewy-ness wouldn’t look that craay. Again my biggest issue is that the bb cream that i use is in their darkest tone which in the shade Tan, but still way too bright for me. The eye makeup i use is pretty minimal, i use a slightly shimmery eye shadow, then i line my eyes with a champagne colored eyeliner on the eyelid and on my waterline. I wanted to create that large eyes.


I can’t tell if that work or not actually (lol) because the last time i remember my eyes size are always have been the same. But i can see that there are a definition on the shape of my eyes.

Then i finished the rest of it with a pink-ish everything from blusher to the lip tint. I’m trying to do the ombre lip thing. Then again if this is an everyday look then it should look more ‘real’ in a sense that it doesn’t just look good on a photo shoot but it has to look normal on everyday life.


And this is the finish look. I probably should have use more blusher. But i’m glad that after a while the bb cream seem to adapt to my skin. The ombre lips also seems to work just fine.

I would wear this on everyday basis, or when i’m on a date with a bolder eye shadow. overall i think when it come to Korean or American or French or whatever look the most important thing is not to forcing it too much and don’t take the trend straight away. I don’t have Korean porcelain skin therefore i have to work on my base a lot, but my eyes are not monolid so i can work less with them. Don’t let makeup change you. Makeup is still you but better!







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